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Prepared with a rigorous dedication to traditional Mexican cuisine, inspired by the vibrant markets of Mexico City.

Spring and summer highlights fresh seafood like daily market ceviches and Baja fish tacos, while the colder weather brings rustic, heartier dishes such as braised lamb shoulder and short rib tacos.


Our pulque is batched in house with fresh agave nectar and lime, enhanced by exotic produce like baby coconut, guava and mango. Our cocktail program highlights fresh fruits and produce native to Mexico, and has carefully selected our tequilas and mezcals to include artisanal and small-batch producer.

For centuries, pulquerias have been a cornerstone of Mexican culture, as a meeting place for friends to convene over tapas and barrels of fresh made pulque.

As early as 2000 years ago, pulque was celebrated in Ancient Aztec culture as the highly esteemed drink of the elders, priests and warriors. It was deemed “nectar of the lighting gods,” due to the ceremonious way that pulque is harvested from the agave plant. During the storm season, the agave fields are oftentimes struck by lighting, which causes the plant to naturally ferment and produce pulque. It is still a tradition in pulquerias today for drinkers to spill a small amount of pulque from their glass onto the floor as a sacrifice to the lighting gods.

Because pulque is fermented and not distilled (as it is with tequila or mezcal), it’s flavor is subtly sweet and naturally rich in vitamins. It is often mixed with fresh fruits or vegetables to soften the texture and can also be mixed with various herbs to produce a richer flavor.


Pulqueria is an authentic Mexican restaurant and bar inspired by the vibrant street markets of Mexico City and ancient Aztec culture.

Design details like woven reed mats, turquoise mosaics and engraved stone murals convene to create a truly original restaurant. We are proud to be the first establishment outside of Mexico to batch and serve pulque, a celebrated alcoholic beverage made from the agave plant.


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WED - SAT 12PM - 3PM



11 DOYERS STREET • NYC • 10013
Phone#: 212.227.3099




FRI - 5pm -7pm

If you are requesting or being dropped off by a ride hailing service, 

please respect our neighbors and pin your drop off or pick up location as 2 Bowery

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Private Events

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Taqueria On Wheels


Our custom built bike is for hire for your next garden, pool party, or any outdoor gathering !

Please use the inquiry form below to find out more

Bar & Restaurant Buyouts

Pulqueria is available to host a wide-range of events. Whether it's the office holiday party,  product launch,  birthday party, Pulqueria is the perfect setting to create an event your guests will never forget. Pricing and availablility upon request.

Please use the form below to inquire about Bar and Restaurant availability and cost. 

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Reservation and seating policies
Pulqueria is a reservation driven restaurant. We do welcome walk in guests and will accommodate them as much as possible.  

Reservations are accepted by phone and a limited number through reserve.com.
This policy is our only option given the size of the room. A manager is here to answer the phone around 11am Monday through Saturday. All other times, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Reservation request messages left on the answering machine are honored in the order they are received. Please clearly state name, and number of guests in party, date requested and especially your telephone phone number. There may be times where an employee states that a manager must call back to confirm. Please understand this is done only to ensure proper table spacing times for the day requested.

Large Party Policy (Required to dine with our Prix Fixe Menu)
Large party reservations (10 or more) are difficult to accommodate given the size of the restaurant, however, we will take as many as possible. A large party reservation during service hours will require a credit card to reserve, and must be confirmed the day of the reservation. Our ability to increase the number of diners in a party is very limited. Please assume that if your reservation is at 8pm or earlier, we have booked a table to follow on.  

Reservation Timing Policy
Parties that are late for their reservation time are given ten minutes before we call the phone number that we have to ascertain arrival status. Given the limited seating of the restaurant, fifteen minutes late with no contact will void your reservation. Please understand, this is solely due to the size and seating capacity of the restaurant. If you are late, we urge you to contact us so we can make our best effort to accommodate you and your party. Again, due to our limited space and demand, a "No call" and or "No show" will result in a $50 per person charge.

Other Policies

  • Separate checks can be accommodated, however we limit it to six(6)
  • Our hand crafted cocktails take at a minimum three minutes each to prepare. Patience is appreciated
  • Unfortunately we cannot allow guest to bring in their own wine
  • Guests with food allergies should inform your server at the beginning of your meal, prior to ordering. Please discuss your food allergies with the server so the chef can adjust your meal
  • If you wish to bring your own dessert or cake, a charge of $5 per guest will be applied to the total check
  • All parties of six or more will have a service charge of 20% added to the pre-tax total
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